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    Don't let workplace stress become distress

      Ensuring workplace pressure doesn’t turn Into unhealthy stress for employees There is a concept called ‘EU Stress’ that refers to achieving the right amount of stress in the workplace....

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    How I’m building my dream career in psychology with APM

    Becoming a psychologist was always my plan, but I wasn’t sure how to go about building the career I wanted. Luckily, I was able to join the APM Group as...

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    Why APM’s people-first culture makes such a difference to employee wellbeing

    At APM, employees’ mental and physical health are treated as a top priority, because the reality is you can’t pour from an empty cup! The work we do means we’re...

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    Avoiding employee burnout is up to both the employer and employee

    When you get the balance right, a certain level of workplace stress can help motivate employees and keep them focused. However, if this balance is off, it quickly leads to...

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    Tips for maintaining positive mental wellbeing among remote teams

    While there are undeniably benefits to working from home, it can also have drawbacks on mental health.Aside from feeling alone and isolated, stress and anxiety can build as a result...

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    Employee Assistance Programs: April explains what psychologists working in this space can expect

    April Jones, Global Clinical Services Director for Assure Programs talks about EAP is and what this unique specialisation is like for psychologists who choose this unique field. April also talks...

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