Around the world and back again: Meet Vanessa Corbett

By Melissa Partridge


Being part of a global company means a world of opportunity awaits. APM’s global footprint is expanding, which allows us to have a meaningful impact on new communities and deliver even more programs to enable better lives for people around the world.
Growth like this is great for our company but it’s also great for our people. It can offer amazing career opportunities, as we need people we can rely on to build our presence and offering in new markets.

Vanessa Corbett has recently moved from Australia to Canada with APM, and this is her journey so far.

A life well-travelled

An APM-er with over 20 years' experience in employment services, Vanessa Corbett, has embraced the global opportunities that being part of APM offers.

Vanessa’s career has taken her from Melbourne to Sydney to the UK, back to Melbourne and now to Canada – with a little bit of New Zealand thrown in for good measure.

Vanessa has taken on several roles and opportunities in her 10 years at APM. She’s been State Manager for NSW, Victoria, and Tasmania, undertaken mentoring roles to help other parts of the business thrive, and supported integrations and the growth of national employment programs.

Building global experience

Vanessa’s leaders recognised her willingness to take on a challenge, which led to her first international role in the UK at Ingeus, who are part of the APM Group.

She took on a responsibility to help local managers enhance the performance of employment programs, as well as support the bid for and implementation of Restart – the UK government’s job search scheme.

Being there during a global pandemic also led Vanessa and the Ingeus team to introduce a new employment program - JETS - in response to COVID-19.

Of the experience, Vanessa said “the work we did as a team throughout lockdowns to deliver a very successful program was both humbling and meaningful.”

“Ingeus played a huge role in supporting people who had lost their jobs to get back to work during a pandemic, which was important for the UK’s economic recovery.”

A short stint back in Australia with Employable Me, APM’s online platform to connect job seekers with potential employers, saw Vanessa leveraging her international knowledge to help build capacity to take the platform global.

Another opportunity appeared on the horizon, Vanessa along with her husband and two boys aged 4 and 6, were off to Toronto.

At Canada’s WCG Services, another business in the APM family, Vanessa is Chief Operating Officer. Her role is to enhance business performance and position WCG as a leader in the local market.

Truly a family affair, Vanessa’s husband also works for APM and is moving into role with WCG as well.

Opportunity and adventure await

Vanessa has found APM to be extremely supportive of her global moves.

While APM can’t help them to get used to driving on the other side of the road, she says the company has helped to “navigate the bumps in the road that can’t be planned for – we’ve never felt they were our challenges to deal with alone.”

Vanessa considers herself fortunate to be working overseas and sees real value in sharing learnings and strategies across the globe. As she points out, while programs may differ in operation and delivery “at the heart, the objective is the same – supporting people and enabling better lives.”

Vanessa also loves the adventure that comes with living overseas. Family and friends are missed, but she’s making memories with her young family while continuing to build a career.

She is embracing the chance for her boys to experience life in another country and believes that the “resilience that living overseas builds will be with them for life.”

We look forward to seeing more great things from Vanessa.

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