How APM helped me make a successful transition into talent acquisition

By Naomi Freeman


I’ve been working for APM for nine years now and I can safely say I’m not going anywhere! This is an organisation where anyone can grow a career. With all the businesses and roles available, there are so many opportunities and directions you can take – I’m certainly an example of that!

I used to work in business management, but APM has led me through a successful switch to talent acquisition. Despite having no experience in recruitment or TA, the amazing training I received from APM enabled me to feel completely comfortable and confident in an entirely new role. I really felt a genuine sense of support and encouragement from the business as I was going through the transition.

Highlights and challenges of my new role

With no recruitment or talent acquisition background, I knew that taking on the role of Talent Acquisition Consultant would be a challenge. But it was the exact sort of challenge I was looking for. What originally inspired me to make the move was the opportunity to utilise my contractual and management knowledge and skill base, and transfer that to a role where acquiring talent for that business was the focus.

I was fully supported by the Culture and Employment Services division, who arranged on-the-job training and job shadowing, all while allowing my unique skills and knowledge to be utilised. I also continuously learnt and sought advice from colleagues.

As a result, I’ve achieved many professional and personal goals in this new role. It’s been a real highlight seeing my TA team flourish and developing our ongoing partnership with the wider business.

My advice for moving into TA

Employment services is a multi-faceted area – it’s challenging and requires a varied skill set. I’ve found that my people, leadership and performance management skills have played an important role from day one. I've also found strong communication and process implementation skills to be incredibly valuable.

If you’re thinking about moving into talent acquisition, make sure you have a really clear insight into the business. Take the time to understand the business needs and strategic goals.  Don't assume anything – actively listen and build a strong partnership with all stakeholders.

I also advise working together with your team to build trust and honesty, and have fun at the same time. We work in such diverse teams at APM and everyone has something to contribute. Encouraging knowledge sharing is a great way to ensure everyone in the team is heard, respected and valued.

Finally, don’t forget the importance of working for the right company. I’ve been given so many opportunities to develop myself here at APM and have mentors within the business who I can reach out to for ongoing support and guidance. This support makes all the difference.

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