My unexpected but successful transition within APM

By Rafizah Rashid


APM is truly a company that looks after its staff. I am currently a Senior Rehab Consultant in our Liverpool office, but I originally joined APM as an NDIS Independent Assessor. I was very comfortable in that role as I had a lot of experience in the field of disability.

When that area of the business was put on hold, APM suggested I move across to an entirely new role within the company. While it has been a huge change for me, their incredible support has made the transition smooth. I’m really finding my feet and enjoying my new role, especially getting to know the Konekt team.

I’m still learning, but I get a lot of assistance from my manager and everyone else here. What I like most about my job is making a difference in someone's life by helping them remove the barriers that stop them returning to work.

It’s been a challenge – but a very rewarding one

My new role is completely different to my previous one, so admittedly I was quite nervous when I started. However, Konekt's induction program was comprehensive and I was able to learn and adapt quickly. Having to be the 'new gal' again was also slightly intimidating, but that didn’t last long because my manager and team are so friendly, welcoming and helpful!

I really appreciate that APM provides a variety of opportunities and is willing to train you up for new roles. For me, one of the best things was not having to go through a formal interview when I moved over internally. Though I did need to be interviewed, it was more about informing me what the job involved and making sure I was comfortable with it.

After that, the transfer was very easy – all I had to do was make sure IT had connected me properly to the Konekt portal!

Constant support and continuous growth

Feeling like you belong to a wonderful team makes you look forward to work, and the Liverpool office has been a great place to land. To me, being in a team is about belonging and shouldn’t just be about work, and I like that everybody feels involved here.

We all look forward to our weekly catch-ups and having a few laughs together. It’s been a tough time lately with Liverpool being one of the areas in hard lockdown and we’ve been supporting each other. Our team meetings start with a Kahoot game, which everyone has to participate in – that’s always a good icebreaker. APM has also made working from home easy by giving me all the equipment I need.

As for learning the ropes of my new role, I have already completed various training and induction modules. There have been no barriers to accessing resources, from IT systems and tools, to work/information resources and even access to more experienced work colleagues. Everyone at APM and Konekt is willing to help, no matter what I need and no matter their position. It’s a very friendly environment.

While I was in the process of moving roles, my manager at APM remained in touch with me the whole time. He made sure that I was happy with the move and that all my questions were answered. I’m very grateful to have received so much support here and I’m excited to keep developing my skills as a rehab consultant.

For career opportunities at APM and Konekt, head to our careers page!

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