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There's no better way to get a sense for who we are and what it's like to be part of our team, than to hear directly from our people. In our blog, you'll find articles and videos of our people talking about their experience on the job along with advice, news and updates about their general areas of expertise.  

Life at APM

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APM’s contact centre is a customer service role with a difference

To choose the right career for yourself, I believe you have to understand what your morals and aspirations are and then find a job that meets those criteria. In my...

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Flexibility and opportunity have kept me at APM for 20 years

After 20 years with APM, a multinational healthcare and rehabilitation provider, I consider myself lucky to have found an organisation I’ve been happy with for such a long time. I...

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Looking for an exciting IT career where you can really make a difference?

Our IT team at APM is in an enviable position. We are a company that exists, at our core, to help people. That means that when you’re streamlining our IT...

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Employment Services

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Belinda pivoted her career from business development into Employment Services

In this chat with Belinda, we hear about how she took her career from having her own cosmetics line and doing business development, to now working in Employment Services as...

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Mequita pivoted her career from customer service into Employment Services

In this chat with Mequita, we hear about how she took her career from working in customer service and sales, to now helping people secure work in her role with...

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Rebecca pivoted her career from customer service into Employment Services

In this chat with Rebecca, we hear about how she took her career from working in a customer service in a call centre, to now working in Employment Services as...

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Psychology & Corporate Wellness

Don't let workplace stress become distress

                  Ensuring Workplace Pressure Doesn’t Turn Into Unhealthy Stress For Employees There is a concept called ‘EU Stress’ that refers to achieving...

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How I’m building my dream career in psychology with APM

Becoming a psychologist was always my plan, but I wasn’t sure how to go about building the career I wanted. Luckily, I was able to join the APM Group as...

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Why APM’s people-first culture makes such a difference to employee wellbeing

At APM, employees’ mental and physical health are treated as a top priority, because the reality is you can’t pour from an empty cup! The work we do means we’re...

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Occupational Health Services

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Reaching your goals with Konekt Workcare: an inside view on working with us

At Konekt Workcare (part of APM Group), we are all focused on our goal of being the best in care – and the passion of our teams reflects that. We...

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Why Konekt Workcare is the ideal company for anyone with a partner in the ADF

With a spouse in the ADF, it can be difficult to keep career momentum going due to the constant relocation every time they get a new posting. I’ve seen a...

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How I created a fulfilling career in occupational rehab – all while balancing full-time work and study

I joined Konekt Workcare (part of the APM Group) as a Rehabilitation Consultant when I was new to Australia and very new to the occupational rehab industry but had extensive...

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Leadership & Management

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How to set yourself up for success in APM’s job application process

My role at APM is to recruit our Local Area Coordinators. We look for people who are comfortable talking to people and have the skills and ability to manage what...

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General Manager, Mark, talks about his career in organisational psychology with Communicorp

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Where people matter: Gerard gives an overview the services provided by Assure Programs and its culture

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For Allied Health Students & Grads

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Tara’s taking her first step towards a bright future, with APM

Respect and support, the right mix to do her best work Tara’s taking her first step towards a bright future, with APM. After completing her studies in Psychology, she experienced...

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Last year of your Allied Health degree? Here’s how to get a head start in your career

If you’re in the final year of your Allied Health degree, it’s an exciting time. You’re about to undertake your last classes, complete your final pracs and exams, and step...

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Are you a Speech Pathology grad unsure of your next steps? Read this

So you've graduated with a bachelor's degree in speech pathology and you're ready to start your career - exciting, right? Except suddenly you're not sure about which route to take....

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