Hear from our people

There's no better way to get a sense for who we are and what it's like to be part of our team, than to hear directly from our people. In our blog, you'll find articles and videos of our people talking about their experience on the job along with advice, news and updates about their general areas of expertise.  

Employment Services

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Belinda pivoted her career from business development into Employment Services

In this chat with Belinda, we hear about how she took her career from having her own cosmetics line and doing business development, to now working in Employment Services as...

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Mequita pivoted her career from customer service into Employment Services

In this chat with Mequita, we hear about how she took her career from working in customer service and sales, to now helping people secure work in her role with...

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Rebecca pivoted her career from customer service into Employment Services

In this chat with Rebecca, we hear about how she took her career from working in a customer service in a call centre, to now working in Employment Services as...

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Psychology & Corporate Wellness

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Psychology with impact: Jamie shares what it's like to support people in an on-call environment and in times of trauma

Jamie joined Assure Programs in 2018 as a clinical team leader and is now the leader of the on-call and trauma teams. In this video, Jamie talks about the support...

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Employee Assistance Programs: April explains what psychologists working in this space can expect

April Jones, Global Clinical Services Director for Assure Programs talks about EAP is and what this unique specialisation is like for psychologists who choose this unique field. April also talks...

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Occupational Health Services

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The key to successful injury management and return to work is good communication

To ensure a successful return to work, it’s critical for employers to establish regular communication with injured employees throughout their recovery. Evidence tells us that injured employees benefit from regular...

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Occupational rehabilitation helps meet the challenges of reintegrating veterans into civilian society

As a Rehabilitation Counsellor within the APM group, I have worked with both serving members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and veterans for many years. At the start of...

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Returning to work after an Injury or Illness—with a team of support

When an employee is away from work due to an injury or illness, there are many contributing factors ultimately affecting their well-being and behaviours. These include, but are not limited...

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Leadership & Management

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General Manager, Mark, talks about his career in organisational psychology with Communicorp

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Where people matter: Gerard gives an overview the services provided by Assure Programs and its culture

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On-Call and Trauma Psychology: Meet Jamie, team leader from Assure Programs

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For Allied Health Students & Grads

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Last year of your Allied Health degree? Here’s how to get a head start in your career

If you’re in the final year of your Allied Health degree, it’s an exciting time. You’re about to undertake your last classes, complete your final pracs and exams, and step...

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Are you a Speech Pathology grad unsure of your next steps? Read this

So you've graduated with a bachelor's degree in speech pathology and you're ready to start your career - exciting, right?Except suddenly you're not sure about which route to take. Perhaps...

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Finished your Physiotherapy degree and not sure if the clinic is for you? Explore your options!

Whether you've just graduated, you're in your final year, or you're just starting out in your degree, looking towards the future can be overwhelming. It can be tricky figuring out...

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