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Relocate to Australia, with APM

APM is excited to offer assistance for Allied Health Professionals to live and work in Australia. 

If you're a qualified and experienced occupational therapist, psychologist, physiotherapist or rehabilitation counsellor, APM welcomes you with a host support to make your transition easier. 

Are you looking to experience the Aussie way of life? We can support your desire to live and work in our beautiful country.

Are you a citizen of Australia? We can support your return home.

APM offers a range of financial and other assistance



We provide financial assistance for flights to travel to your new city of residence in Australia.


Immigration Advice

We'll work with you and a leading immigration consultant to provide comprehensive visa and immigration solutions at our expense. 


Quarantine Payment

We will support your arrival to Australia by paying the cost of quarantine in your city of arrival for you and your direct family members.


Travel Exemption

To support your entry to Australia, APM will arrange and pay for a travel exemption for you and your direct family members.


Skills Assessment

APM will arrange and pay for any professional or English skills assessments required for your application to live and work in Australia.


Moving & Other Costs

APM will work with you to provide tailored financial support to assist with the other general costs of your relocation.

Career opportunities

We’re Australia’s largest human services organisation, with more than 3000 'APMers' in our Australian team, 500 of those being Allied Health professionals. We have a number of brands working across aged care, occupational rehabilitation, workplace psychology and wellness, and disability services.

When you join our team you can look forward to a strong annual salary and a variety of progression and career development opportunity across our national and international network.

Take the first step

Making a move to another country is a big decision. Submit a no obligation application today and we’ll be happy to explore this opportunity further with you, answer your questions and make sure it’s the right move for you.

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