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If you've recently graduated or you're in the final year of your Allied Health degree, chances are you're on the hunt for an opportunity to kickstart your career. We know how tricky navigating the next steps after your formal education is done and dusted, so we wanted to make a difference with our Allied Health graduate program. 

Working under APM's umbrella gives you a supportive environment to continue learning and growing. Here at the APM Group, we care about people, and that includes those we help with the health services we deliver, as well as our employees who strive to make a difference every single day. 

Our graduate program invites graduates from a variety of Allied Health professions to join one of APM's several brands that operate in Australia. Here, you'll enter the world of occupational rehabilitation, and get to experience firsthand the sense of accomplishment that comes with supporting those living with illness or disability return to work and regain their independence. 

Why do a graduate program?

Graduate programs are a great way to dive into your career and test out several different work areas. The structured rotating nature of a graduate program means you'll be exposed to different job functions, different people and, in the case of our grad program, different brands within the APM network. This can be ideal for those wanting experience in a myriad of different exciting areas, or you're not quite sure where exactly you want to end up - but you're excited to find out. 

Plus, there really is no better place to start your professional career than in a grad program. You'll be working in a hands-on environment whilst also receiving the highest quality education from experienced colleagues and mentors, with all the support you need as a fresh grad.


Why choose the APM Graduate Program?

A smooth, supported induction

We're not about just chucking our grads into the deep end. Here at APM, we want to give you a supportive and informative induction that gets you out of the starting gate smoothly. Your induction will get you up to speed on the company and allow you to connect with your peers so you have someone to enjoy the ride with. Meet your new team and start developing relationships from the get-go so that once you actually start, you'll already be feeling comfortable and capable. 

Unparalleled professional development opportunities

If you've read any of our other blogs in this series[1] , you'll know how we feel about continued professional development. As an Allied Health professional, investing in your professional development throughout your career is important in becoming a well-rounded and capable healthcare practitioner. We invest in our people because we want you to grow with us. You'll have an abundance of learning and development opportunities within the different parts of our business, and be mentored through them by our talented and highly skilled team. 

Experience a wide variety of casework

Here at APM, we love to get out into the community and get involved in a myriad of different industries and sectors. When you're jumping in and experiencing so much in such a short space of time, you're guaranteed to grow your skills rapidly, which is invaluable at the beginning of your career. 

All the support you need

The beauty of our graduate program is it offers unparalleled support as you take your first steps into the Allied Health industry. You'll not only have access to one-on-one support from a mentor, but you'll also get some fantastic shadowing opportunities, and quarterly networking events that allow you to get amongst other graduates within the APM Group, as well as more senior Allied Health professionals. 

Guaranteed progression

Not only will you be able to work with our occupational health brands, you're also given the choice in your final six months to work in a regional location or do another rotation in one of our other occupational health brands - that's up to three rotations in different brands and working environments, without changing employers - an experience you won't find elsewhere. At the end of the graduate program, you will be welcomed to the APM Group with an ongoing permanent employment offer. 

You're making a difference

It's incredibly rewarding to help people get back on their feet after dealing with injury, illness, or disability. Creating meaningful impact within the community means you'll look forward to work every single day.


Why APM?

We are a leading global organisation providing human services and health care to enable better lives. We operate in ten countries and have over 7500 employees across our five brands. As an organisation, we've helped over one million people, and strive to be better every day. We're also the Australian Government's largest provider of Disability Employment Services, which we're pretty proud of!

We value our people and we value diversity - we are in the business of helping people, so people are at the core of our work, and we strive to maintain a positive and supportive culture. 

As a grad, APM offers an exciting opportunity, not just within the graduate program but long after. The fact that we are so global and have multiple brands within our network the APM group means there's a lot of flexibility for you within your career, and you'll be able to progress or switch it up completely without ever having to leave the APM family. 

Throughout the two-year structured program, you'll get to see what it’s like to work in different brands, get a feel for each of them, and figure out which area of Allied Health is your calling (not to sound too corny) so that once you've finished the program, you'll have a solid idea of the direction you'd like to take your career. 

Ready to jump in?

We want to lay the right foundations for you so that when you hit the ground, you'll be ready to run. Our Allied Health Graduate Program is open for applications now, and we can't wait to hear from you. If you want hands-on experience and mentorship within a global healthcare company, apply for the APM Grad Program or pop your details below for more info. 

Published on Jul 16, 2021

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