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If you've recently graduated or you're in the final year of your Allied Health degree, chances are you're on the hunt for an opportunity to kickstart your career. We know how tricky navigating the next steps after your formal education is done and dusted, so we wanted to make a difference with our Allied Health graduate program. 

Working under APM's umbrella gives you a supportive environment to continue learning and growing. Here at the APM Group, we care about people, and that includes those we help with the health services we deliver, as well as our employees who strive to make a difference every single day. 

Our graduate program invites graduates from a variety of Allied Health professions to join one of APM's several brands that operate in Australia. Here, you'll enter the world of occupational rehabilitation, and get to experience firsthand the sense of accomplishment that comes with supporting those living with illness or disability return to work and regain their independence. 

Why do a graduate program?

Graduate programs are a great way to dive into your career and test out several different work areas. The structured rotating nature of a graduate program means you'll be exposed to different job functions, different people and, in the case of our grad program, different brands within the APM network. This can be ideal for those wanting experience in a myriad of different exciting areas, or you're not quite sure where exactly you want to end up - but you're excited to find out. 

Plus, there really is no better place to start your professional career than in a grad program. You'll be working in a hands-on environment whilst also receiving the highest quality education from experienced colleagues and mentors, with all the support you need as a fresh grad.


Why APM?

At its core, the APM Group is a leading global human services and healthcare organisation with a purpose of enabling better lives. Our network of more than 13,000 people in 11 countries is dedicated to helping people thrive with independent and fulfilling lives.

Each year our services reach the lives of more than 2 million people. Our passion lies in helping people be their best, and get to where they want to be in life by overcoming injury, illness, disability, or disadvantage.

As a Graduate Occupational Rehabilitation Consultant within the APM Group, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping someone make positive changes in their life through your regular interactions and care.

You’ll support people with injury, illness or disability to progress towards their return to work goal.

Why choose the APM Graduate Program?

APM currently has six brands in Australia that deliver services across the Allied Health sector, with opportunities for Graduates with qualifications in Occupational Therapy, Exercise Physiology, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Rehabilitation Counselling, Social Work, and Speech Pathology.

The two-year APM Graduate Program will help you transition into the workplace through a series of learning and development opportunities, 1-to-1 mentoring, shadowing experiences and exposure to a variety of case work across multiple brands.

Graduate Program highlights

  • Permanent full-time opportunities
  • Ability to experience the various APM Group Health brands to broaden your skill set and career options
  • 1-to-1 mentoring program
  • Free access to over 30 personal and professional development courses through our MCI Solutions brand
  • Graduate networking sessions
  • Access to senior leadership team through Graduate projects and initiatives




What to expect

A smooth, supported induction to get you on the right track

An induction Program will get you familiar with the business and connected with your peers. Through a combination of face to face and virtual interactions along with online training, you’ll learn about your new team and the work you’ll be doing.

Continual professional development, to grow your skills and knowledge

APM prides itself on investing in its people, so that as we grow, they grow with us, too. Throughout the Graduate Program, you’ll be offered a series of learning and development opportunities through the different parts of our business with members of our skilled team.

Experience a variety of case work

Much of the work we do requires us to step out into the community, and some of it requires us to work with different industries and sectors. As a new Graduate, you’ll rapidly grow your skills and experience through the variety of case work that you’re exposed to.  

Support along the way

As you progress through your Program, you’ll have a mix of one-to-one support from a mentor, shadowing opportunities and networking events with other Graduates in the APM Group.

You’ll be creating an impactful and rewarding career

Doing good for the community isn’t something that’s solely reserved for the charitable things you do in your spare time – it’s something you can achieve through your work, too. As part of the APM team, you’ll create meaningful impact for others while also enjoying a bright career path.


Ready to jump in?

We want to lay the right foundations for you so that when you hit the ground, you'll be ready to run. Our Allied Health Graduate Program is open for applications now, and we can't wait to hear from you. If you want hands-on experience and mentorship within a global healthcare company, apply for the APM Grad Program or pop your details below for more info. 

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