Tara’s taking her first step towards a bright future, with APM

By Tara Chapneviss


Respect and support, the right mix to do her best work

Tara’s taking her first step towards a bright future, with APM.

After completing her studies in Psychology, she experienced the uncertainty of trying to find the right place to launch her professional career.

When Tara came across the APM Graduate Program, she recalled

“I saw an international company full of opportunities with open arms towards graduates, I couldn’t have hit the ‘Apply now’ button any quicker.”

The APM Group Graduate Program offers graduates the opportunity to experience multiple brands through a two-year Program.

The program helps graduates transition into the workplace through a series of learning and development opportunities, 1-to-1 mentoring, shadowing experiences and exposure to a variety of case work across multiple health businesses.

There are opportunities for Graduates in locations across the country in Occupational Therapy, Exercise Physiology, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Rehabilitation Counselling, Social Work, and Speech Pathology.

Immersing herself in her new role has seen Tara find her passion for occupational rehabilitation.

Working with clients on their journey to return to work after an injury, illness or disability is something she finds incredibly rewarding.

The specific focus on occupational and vocational rehabilitation was not something Tara came across regularly in her studies.

“I became aware of Occupational rehab after coming across APM and chose it because it intrigued me given it is an industry that is not really spoken about at university” she said.

It has enabled Tara to practice concepts from her studies to assist people with vocational direction and motivation.

“A challenging aspect of my role is providing counselling to people who may not have volunteered for the service, as it can be difficult to engage them at times.”

“However, once you do see change and build rapport with these types of clients, it is so rewarding”

The respect and support Tara feels in her role is a big part of her motivation,

“In my current role I have never felt like I am a graduate, whereby I feel part of the team and am supported in every way possible” she said.

“There is also a level of respect not only towards each other but also towards the clients that we encounter.”

Tara describes the workplace culture as a mix of professional, excitement, opportunity, and fun.

When thinking about her next step, she knows she has some exciting national and international opportunities for progression available to her.

“There is always something happening in the company which you hear about and feel a part of - there are so many branches all around the world. Career progression is encouraged within the business; therefore, all the support is provided to help you get there.”

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