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At Generation Health, we believe our culture reflects the positivity of our work. As rehabilitation providers, we’re helping people in a very real and powerful way and it’s important to us that our own team members feel as valued and supported in the workplace as the clients they’re working with. 

Our company culture is friendly and open, with relationships that extend beyond office walls. Even though we’re spread out across the country, our teams stay connected, supportive and engaged in each others’ challenges and successes. We’re a team, not islands, and we celebrate all our wins together. 

There is vast experience and skill to draw on throughout Generation Health and everyone is very happy to share their knowledge. We also pride ourselves on our invested leadership who jump at the chance to help people develop and encourage open communication no matter who you are. 

While COVID-19 created challenges for every business, we’ve been fortunate to see it bring us even closer together – our teams showed enormous strength and support to each other through difficult times. We asked some of our fantastic colleagues to tell us a bit about why their time with Generation Health has been both meaningful and fun, including during these times of uncertainty and change. 

Read on to see what they had to say!


Carolyn Bell, National Manager - Innovation and Best Practice, Sydney

“When employees respect each other and get along in the workplace, it’s amazing how productivity increases, morale increases and employees drive to go above and beyond to deliver outstanding service to our clients.

Generation Health has an inclusive culture and our cultural diversity has seen an increase in creativity among teams. This has resulted in the ability to have a more diverse set of solutions to specific problems.

This company is determined to ensure health and well-being is also delivered internally and that all employees know they are well supported and that they in turn live and breathe this philosophy.”

View Carolyn's LinkedIn profile here.


Alana Sims, Innovation and Best Practice Lead, Perth

“I work with such a wonderful team here in WA. We are all included and given the flexibility we need to maintain that work/life balance! As the team has grown, we have welcomed every new starter in and have all jumped at the opportunity to help with developing their skills. 

Our GM has a great way of bringing the team together, as well as looking out for individual staff members when we are having a bad time professionally or personally. Our TM is also wonderful and knows how we all work individually, so can tailor our case books to our strengths. 

GH is a great place to work. We have wonderful people in leadership positions who help everyone else grow. My favourite part about working here is the drive to internally promote and improve the staff on a team and individual level. There is a lot of time and resources devoted to it.”

View Alana's LinkedIn profile here.


Daniel Boyens, Recruitment Lead, Sydney

“Our behaviour at work often depends on how we feel about being there. Therefore, it makes sense that the people at Generation Health give off a sense of real organisational commitment. 

We have an emotional attachment toward the company because we have been treated so well, and our relationships with our colleagues, team members and managers are so good, we actually love to come to work. Our managers are very supportive and trust our decisions, which gives us confidence in our abilities. There is a lot of job satisfaction here, including my own!”

View Daniel's LinkedIn profile here.


Rhegan Lawry, North Queensland Area Manager, Cairns

"The culture is really positive. Cairns is a small tight-knit team, and we all get together and really strategise on all our cases. Even though we'll have our individual cases, we work together as a team to move the cases forward. 

We work a lot with a multidisciplinary team at the Cairns Health Centre and we're always socialising with them too. We have a Workplace like Facebook for work) that’s driven by the teams and there are social activities organised on there regularly. It could be going for a run, after work drinks, going out for dinner etc. We also have lots of cool activities on our doorstep in Far North Queensland, from the rainforest to local NRL matches.”

View Rhegan's LinkedIn profile here.


Paul Coleman, Team Leader (ADF Rehabilitation), Sydney

“Communication is the key word in this business. The strong lines of communication within our teams and with our clients at Generation Health are crucial to making our service delivery the high standard that it is. 

Over and above that, Generation Health has given me a great deal of autonomy and trust in my role and allows me to make decisions independently, which has been beneficial to my overall confidence in decision making.”

View Paul's LinkedIn profile here.


Nicole Wills, South QLD Area Manager, Toowoomba

“Toowoomba is an ever-growing team – and it’s a laugh a minute up here. We are hard working and passionate about our work but also realise that we need to take the time to breathe during a working day. We regularly have team lunches which are a great way of staying connected with each other.

Our team holds morning meetings every day to ensure we stay connected, share good news stories, celebrate (virtually) the wins and provide support or strategic assistance to all team members. 

We are a very supportive team and no question is ever stupid. Between us we have experience in all areas of occupational rehabilitation and can provide a new person with support every step of the way.”

View Nicole's LinkedIn profile here.


Palak Halwadia, Team Manager, Canberra

“Generation Health gave me one of the best inductions I have ever had. I was given such good training in all aspects of staff management and have since continued to upskill through lots of in-house training and support from my management team. 

Generation Health offers great career progression – leadership takes a personal interest in employee career goals. There is a huge amount of both official and on-the-job training available to employees, including courses, workshops, ‘lunch and learn’ sessions and freedom to engage in industry events.

I also think this is the kind of place where everyone can keep learning whether they’re junior or an experienced consultant. While senior members can offer hard-earned insights and professional guidance to less-experienced colleagues, they also benefit from the fresh perspectives and technological know-how of up-and-coming employees.”

View Palak's LinkedIn profile here.


Glenn Littlebury, Lead Consultant, Sydney

“Generation Health is a modern and dynamic brand focused on growth and creating a fun environment. 

I am quite new here and still learning about the overall culture of Generation Health but at the ground level, I work with a very fun, approachable and clever team that covers a number of different health streams.”

View Glenn's LinkedIn profile here.


Emma Pavlich, Team Manager – Acumen Health, Brisbane

“I love how supportive the senior leadership team here is and how approachable they are. They have a genuine interest in our people and their growth.

I also really enjoy working with my team and seeing us reach goals together. I enjoy the mentoring side of my role too, and seeing the team develop, build confidence in what they do, and achieve successful outcomes for our clients.

We are a growing company so there is always going to be an opportunity to progress your career, and the company always provides the necessary support to its people to develop them. Also, we work with a number of different clients so we get exposure to different systems and contracts – it's a great experience.”

View Emma's LinkedIn profile here.


Jodie Poulton, National Administration Manager, Adelaide

“The culture is extremely positive here and this is reflected in our retention rates. The team has enough autonomy to perform their jobs effectively, they know that I personally care about their wellbeing, and they feel supported with their current working arrangements.

Being a national team, we connect with colleagues in remote locations via video or teleconferencing. During the lockdown, working from home didn’t have an impact on the way we work as a group. We have continued to engage with each other as usual, but now also embrace the opportunity to have casual meetings as well, via Zoom. This has allowed us to interact on a different level and further develop the relationships we’ve formed.” 

View Jodie's LinkedIn profile here.


Malek Abu, Senior Rehabilitation Counsellor, Sydney

“I joined Generation Health because I liked its positive corporate culture. It focuses on its employees’ strengths without sacrificing quality and customer service and encourages a healthy work environment. 

Generation Health has strong and positive leadership who know how to build strong relationships and provide open communication with their employees.Throughout the company there is the continuous provision of positive and constructive feedback which helped me to remain motivated and to improve and grow within the business.”

View Malek's LinkedIn profile here.

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