Why I chose Generation Health: 15 team members share their perspectives


Our people at Generation Health are diverse in skill, specialty and discipline, but all our teams across Australia have a common purpose at heart: successful return to work outcomes for our clients. At the end of the day, we’re all working towards the same goal and we never forget that.

Many of us have had experiences in previous workplaces where excessive pressure or unrealistic expectations made us lose sight of our passion. However, it’s a pleasure to witness our consultants at Generation Health working well together and achieving great results. 

We asked our staff members, from rehabilitation specialists and team leaders, to executive assistants and employment consultants, to give us some insight into what makes Generation Health the right place to be if you’re serious about moving forward in your career. 

Here’s their take on that, in their own words.


Alana Sims, Innovation and Best Practice Lead, Perth

“I would love someone to join our team so they can learn to love vocational rehab again! Generation Health has taught me work life balance, how to care best for my clients and how to meet realistic targets in doing all of that. And we have an amazing team here in WA.

Generation Health has helped me grow professionally more than any other job I have ever had. Our CEO Georgie has seen my potential and enabled me to achieve significant career growth and a diverse skill set.

I’ve not only improved my core knowledge of both workers comp and the health industry, but have developed my confidence in liaising with clients and stakeholders, and in determining new and better ways to help them. I have learnt so much on the job – how to manage tired and emotional clients as well as ensuring I am able to utilise my clinical skills in the way I was trained to. My OT specific skills have also been challenged and developed and because of this I feel I can give more to my BAU clients.”

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Daniel Boyens, Recruitment Lead, Sydney

“I was drawn to Generation Health as they had a fantastic reputation within rehabilitation circles. 

For any Employment Consultant within Employment Services who wants to be; appreciated for your hard work ethic; rewarded for your professionalism; share in the success of your outcomes; be exposed to a true company who promote a healthy work-life balance; and most importantly, work with a great team who all have the same goal of successful return to work outcomes for our clients, I cannot recommend Generation Health enough.”

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Kristy Hughes, Customer Process Specialist, Sydney

“I’m a person who hates sitting idly; I am always wanting to do more. I want to lead and inspire – and Generation Health is really good in helping you get to where you need to be. Whether they're sending you off to a short course or putting you on projects that involve the kind of work you want to do, they'll make it happen. I think that's great because you don't really get a lot of that anywhere else.

Of course it’s important to bring skills and attributes to the table when you start a new role, but the tools that become available to you once you’ve hit the ground running are irreplaceable. At Generation Health, not only are physical resources like online training on offer, but the support of management is always there too. That in itself has massively contributed to the plethora of skills and knowledge I have today.”

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Scott Hogan, National Customer Relationship Manager, Newcastle

“Generation Health is amazing. Every day, I have access to subject matter experts who guide and assist me in my day to day work. I am currently studying as well, and being on the claims and premium management side of the industry, my biggest challenge was learning about workplace rehabilitation and the products offered. Fortunately, I have been able to align myself with subject matter experts within Generation Health who have really helped me to understand it all. 

Generation Health is also flexible when I need it and supports me in many ways. I have found an amazing group of mentors here who drive me personally and professionally.”

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Paul Coleman, Team Leader (ADF Rehabilitation), Sydney

“Communication is the key word in this business. The strong lines of communication within our teams and with our clients at Generation Health are crucial to making our service delivery the high standard that it is. 

Over and above that, Generation Health has given me a great deal of autonomy and trust in my role and allows me to make decisions independently, which has been beneficial to my overall confidence in decision making.”

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Palak Halwadia, Team Manager, Canberra

“Generation Health gave me one of the best inductions I have ever had. I was given such good training in all aspects of staff management and have since continued to upskill through lots of in-house training and support from my management team. 

Generation Health offers great career progression – leadership takes a personal interest in employee career goals. There is a huge amount of both official and on-the-job training available to employees, including courses, workshops, ‘lunch and learn’ sessions and freedom to engage in industry events.

I also think this is the kind of place where everyone can keep learning whether they’re junior or an experienced consultant. While senior members can offer hard-earned insights and professional guidance to less-experienced colleagues, they also benefit from the fresh perspectives and technological know-how of up-and-coming employees.”

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Glenn Littlebury, Lead Consultant, Sydney

“Prior to Generation Health, I’d spent eight years working in clinical setups in occupational health and rehabilitation, specialising in comcare. The challenge of applying my skills and experiences in a workplace setting like Generation Health was very appealing to me, and the opportunity to continue working with ADF Members was very important. I noted that Generation Health was a very modern and dynamic brand with lots of potential for growth.

As a Lead Consultant I have been encouraged to work independently, trust has been given to me to provide excellent service delivery, and support is available if required. I’ve also continued to work closely with the treatment providers, which has enhanced some of my skills.”

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Emma Pavlich, Team Manager – Acumen Health, Brisbane

“I love how supportive the senior leadership team here is and how approachable they are. They have a genuine interest in our people and their growth.

I also really enjoy working with my team and seeing us reach goals together. I enjoy the mentoring side of my role too, and seeing the team develop, build confidence in what they do, and achieve successful outcomes for our clients.

We are a growing company so there is always going to be an opportunity to progress your career, and the company always provides the necessary support to its people to develop them. Also, we work with a number of different clients so we get exposure to different systems and contracts – it's a great experience.”

View Emma's LinkedIn profile here.


Jodie Poulton, National Administration Manager, Adelaide

“Almost four years ago, I took a leap of faith, stepped out of my comfort zone and left a job I loved to join Generation Health as an Office Manager. It turns out this was the best career move I could’ve made.

I learnt pretty quickly that my associates genuinely care for me, my health and well-being. I’ve never worked in an environment where the CEO is so hands-on and makes it her mission to personally ensure you succeed in your role. 

The leadership and support I receive from the management team means I can continue to grow, not only in my role but personally. I have been taken right out of my comfort zone and in doing so, I have gained self-confidence, important technical and management skills, and the ability to lead through change.”

View Jodie's LinkedIn profile here.


Tyler Stewart, South QLD Team Leader, Brisbane

“Leaders don’t become leaders overnight. Generation Health, and in particular my manager, has given me the opportunity, freedom, support and autonomy to lead my team according to my own leadership philosophy and provide me with numerous resources to improve on my qualities as a leader. 

As a leader I always look for growth opportunities myself, and I seek feedback from my employees, my peers and my manager.”

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Malek Abu, Senior Rehabilitation Counsellor, Sydney

“One of the major attractions of becoming a Rehabilitation Counsellor at Generation Health was the opportunity to help others. Helping people is the most exciting part of my day to day at Generation Health. I have a caring nature and enjoy working with people. It is a very gratifying and fulfilling occupation.

Generation Health is a great place to get recognised and be rewarded for your achievements. There are extensive opportunities for career development and even just for professional variety, such as taking on new roles, moving to one of our other locations across Australia or developing and providing new services for clients.”

View Malek's LinkedIn profile here.

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