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Diverse careers in allied health at APM

Konekt, part of APM Group, provides rehabilitation and workplace health solutions all over Australia to help injured workers return to work. Clients come from a variety of industries and circumstances, with injuries ranging from physical to psychological.

Meet one of our occupational therapists – Bianca McKay


Occupational Therapist, Bianca McKay joined Konekt as a consultant in 2016. Since this time, she has delivered rehabilitation services and workplace health solutions to employers around Australia.

As someone dedicated to helping others, Bianca wanted to grow her career by focusing on learning the industry, gaining a greater understanding of client and customer needs, and developing expertise in the services provided to support employees to return to the workforce. Reflecting on her career journey at Konekt, Bianca says,

“As my career has progressed, I’ve prided myself on showing integrity in everything I do and developing strong relationships with clients and customers to help them through their journey.”

The path to leadership

The team at Konekt recognised Bianca’s willingness to learn and her deep industry knowledge, and knew she’d be a great leader. They invested in developing her leadership skills through training courses and on-the-job learning opportunities. At the same time, Bianca sought out industry mentors to improve her service capabilities.

“For me, that’s been key to growth. You need to be proactive if you want to make progress, and I took every opportunity I could to learn, ask for feedback, and get better at my job.”

These efforts put her on the path to leadership at Konekt and Bianca is now an Area Manager for Western Australia and the Northern Territory, responsible for managing customer portfolios in these regions, employees, and strategic projects to help grow and deliver more services.

Bianca has taken to her leadership role with the energy and dedication she showed early in her career and is relishing the opportunity to engage with different organisations and coach/mentor her employees.

“It gives me great satisfaction to see our people develop and flourish in the workplace rehabilitation industry and in turn help their clients return to meaningful employment and a healthier life.”

Building a career with Konekt

Konekt knows that its people that drive success and are committed to supporting and enhancing the careers and capabilities of a talented and diverse team.  It’s no wonder that someone with as much passion as Bianca enjoys being part of Konekt’s growth story.

“I’m surrounded by amazing, driven and supportive people. It’s very motivating to be part of an organisation that aims to improve the lives of others and has so much support from colleagues, managers and the business itself!”

Interested in joining the Konekt team? Explore and apply for job opportunities at Konekt today.

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