Building the careers that health professionals are looking for at APM WorkCare

By Apm WorkCare Team


At APM WorkCare, we’re proud of our fantastic client outcomes and always working to expand and enhance our rehabilitation services. But just as importantly, we want to give our consultants a professional experience that is truly enriching and inspiring, and to help their careers thrive.

Joining APM WorkCare offers a pathway for health professionals to flourish. With consistent and proactive support for ongoing individual development and training, our employees know they can count on progress and fulfilment on their journey with us. We empower our people to perform with confidence and encourage them to keep learning and evolving every step of the way.

Here, we’re sharing what some of our wonderful specialists and team leaders from all over Australia have to say about their time with us, and how we’ve assisted them in building the career they’ve been looking for.


Georgia Cooper, Senior Rehabilitation Consultant, Brisbane

Over my three years with APM WorkCare I have been provided with incredible exposure and positive experiences. I have been able to expand my knowledge and experience into customer management tasks, including a secondment to Coca-Cola Amatil as in-house Injury Management Advisor, which gave me great insight into how things are managed from the Employer perspective. 

APM WorkCare has always taken my career aspirations and goals into consideration and offered me roles that help me work towards them. There’s also a professional development incentive, which gives me a chance to explore other areas more widely and progress my career. There are endless opportunities within the APM Group, which keeps me motivated to work harder and achieve my goals.



Jung Chung, Lead Consultant, Canberra

The great values of this company – Integrity, Collaboration, Respect, Empathy, Achievement and Teamwork – are very important for me as I continue to grow professionally and personally. We are encouraged to develop skills, experience and capabilities in a highly respectful, considerate and collaborative environment. 

Above all, leaders at APM WorkCare provide opportunities. They encourage health professionals to expand their knowledge and ability by taking a proactive approach to improving performance, and placing trust and confidence in their employees. They also endeavour to improve performance at an operational level by utilising the most reliable and efficient technologies to support consultants to work most effectively.



Christopher Tosin, Lead Consultant, Rehabilitation Counsellor, Melbourne

I take pride in helping as many people as I can with their return to work and life goals.

APM WorkCare gives me the opportunity to have flexibility in my role by working on various legislations (for both new and same employer goals) and helping various employees and clients return to work, or in some cases, return to life.

With my experience, I am now able to coach others at APM WorkCare, conduct presentations to help train staff, and ensure my expertise is assisting others in the team. For me, leadership is a personal career goal and through all of these things, APM WorkCare is really assisting with my development in that direction.



Silvana Vogiatzakis, WA State Manager, Perth

I lead a team of fabulous Consultants across WA. Ever since I joined APM WorkCare, they have been very open to discussion on how I want to shape my career growth.

I have been involved in a variety of professional development initiatives and training throughout my time here, which has been very valuable.



May Webster, Psychologist/Rehabilitation Counsellor, Perth

As a team leader for WA, I do complex case management, primarily in the psychological space.  I also do a lot of coaching and mentoring, training of staff and student programmes through Master’s programmes at the university.

APM WorkCare has been fabulous throughout my entire career with them. They supported me through my Masters in Psychology and have continued to provide really good, professional development and constant access to training courses. The leadership here is also very trusting and they empower us to be very client focused, which helps us to keep growing as health professionals.


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