Reaching your goals with Konekt Workcare: an inside view on working with us

By Konekt Workcare Team

At Konekt Workcare (part of APM Group), we are all focused on our goal of being the best in care – and the passion of our teams reflects that. We also know that the biggest key to happy clients is happy employees, because people who are inspired, supported and looked after every day inevitably look after their own clients better, too.

We lead our teams at Konekt with trust and inclusion, and do everything we can to help every individual achieve their goals. To us, leadership isn’t simply a one-size-fits-all approach. Rather, we give each person the kind of guidance and motivation that works best for them. As leaders, we want to empower every team member to perform to the best of their ability.

Our leadership is supportive, approachable and proactive in finding development opportunities for all our staff. We also care about getting the work/life balance right and work hard to make sure our people are happy and healthy both in and out of the office.

Recently, I asked some of our fantastic team members from all over Australia to share some of their experiences of working with Konekt. Read what they had to say below!

Teresa (Terri) Miller, Senior Consultant, Darwin

One of the things I really liked about Konekt from the very beginning was how comfortable I felt with the person who interviewed me. She was a regional manager (and is now our General Manager) and I figured if there were lovely people like that in management positions, it must filter down through the organisation.

Konekt has great leadership and they’re very good at seeing something that would benefit the team and making sure everyone in the office gets access to it, like speciality in-house training. We have had a government sponsored program offering a range of degrees and diplomas to all interested employees and we were all encouraged and given the support we needed to take advantage of that.

The work we do can be challenging and sometimes quite demanding, but we all rally around each other. There’s a lot of giving and taking. We are also lucky because Konekt is very flexible, so you can start and finish whenever suits you, and if you want to work from home, you can.

View Teresa's LinkedIn profile here.


Kara Blackburn, Local Area Manager, Sydney

The leadership at Konekt Workcare is supportive and very flexible.

They also set realistic goals. My manager and I have regular catch ups to review my workload and needs so that I am empowered to perform my role to the best of my ability.

View Kara's LinkedIn profile here.


Zoe Verazzi, Managing Consultant

Konekt Workcare has been a massive support to me both personally and professionally. I’m definitely in my current role because of all the support and encouragement I’ve had here.

The mentality at Konekt is that people work best when their work life balance is right, and this is evident in the easy-going but hard-working attitude of the staff.

The managers really care about their teams and they’re also great at tailoring their management style to the needs of each of their team members. All of the leaders here are fully committed to helping you get to the next stage of your career and there are clear guidelines to progression into leadership or consultant-based roles.

View Zoe's LinkedIn profile here.


Mohsen Paknejad, Senior Consultant, Sydney

Based on the interactions I’ve had with the leadership at Konekt, I can say that they are doing an extraordinary job.  They have a strong understanding of the situations we are dealing with, and provide the support we need.

They do a great job in terms of providing a suitable structure and toolbox to ensure all of their staff are constantly updated with the latest training and knowledge. They are very proactive in providing professional development opportunities and ongoing learning.

View Mohsen's LinkedIn profile here.


Kerrie Stacey, Local Area Manager, Toowoomba

Throughout my time at Konekt the leadership team has gone above and beyond to ensure I have all the support I need, whilst allowing me to make changes that are unique to my situation. I feel that they care about my wellbeing both in and out of the workplace. My manager has always supported me to achieve my goals and worked with me to develop my career path.

View Kerrie's LinkedIn profile here.


Curtis Guglielmana, Regional Manager WA/NT, Perth

We are very fortunate at Konekt to work with industry experts who have decades of experience and knowledge and show unwavering commitment to their staff, customers and innovation.

There is a wonderful mix of integrity, inspiration and vision-setting here, as well as an abundance of good old-fashioned work ethic.

My leader is invested in my development and career journey, and offers me the opportunity to be challenged and stretched in various ways, both personally and professionally.

View Curtis' LinkedIn profile here.


Juleen Shields, National Service Manager – Employment Services, Perth

In my opinion and experience, when people feel included, trusted and valued they will bring the best of themselves to work every day.

Konekt is a company that invests heavily in its staff, with great leaders who bring people on the journey with them. The leadership is caring, driven and knowledgeable, and they place trust in their teams to execute a plan.

It is impossible to list all the opportunities that Konekt Workcare has provided me over the last (almost) six years, but one of the biggest was the support to complete my Certificate in Occupational Health. 

View Juleen's LinkedIn profile here.


Kirsty Glen, Rehabilitation Counsellor, Sydney

Since joining Konekt, I’ve felt nothing but support from the leaders here. They really recognise that we are here as individuals.  Even though our goal is to support and care for our clients, we’re still individuals.

The leadership team has just always been really amazing. They’re really approachable.

My regional manager Anna deeply cares about everybody and it's obvious that she really wants the best for us as individuals. Both her, and our general manager are always there for advice and to help us grow and learn.

View Kirsty's LinkedIn profile here.


Sonya Faull, National Service Manager Corporate and Government Accounts, Sydney

There is a genuine passion for what we do here and the leadership is clear in its support for everyone, at all levels, to achieve this goal. Without even asking, opportunities are offered to foster professional development. Being part of such a large family of companies, there are so many varied opportunities for us to share or broaden our skills and everyone is keen to participate in that.

Equally important is that everyone at every level is approachable, solution-focused and open to new ways of doing our jobs better.

View Sonya's LinkedIn profile here.

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