Why I’m so glad I ended up at APM

By Emma Chambers


As a rehabilitation counsellor at APM, I take pride in knowing I am helping people not only return to work and wellness after an injury, but also feel part of a community again. That’s such an important part of people’s lives. Our input also helps employers to create safer working environments and prevent other injuries, so we have quite an impact – and that’s very rewarding.  

I came to APM on a post-graduate university placement after completing my bachelor’s degree, then Post Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Counselling. The company culture is very supportive and allows staff to experience new areas and interests as much as they can within the Occupational Rehab scope, so I’ve developed a lot in two and a half years here. 

I’ve gained confidence in my skills and built up a great sense of the direction I’d like to go. Above all, I enjoy the work and feeling like I’m doing something that truly makes a difference.

APM gives me what I was looking for in an employer

I knew about APM because my father is in the Australian Defence Force, one of APM’s clients. Originally I wanted to work with ADF members, but as my placement went on with APM, I realised they worked with so many other interesting employers and insurers as well.

I like the flexibility here as well. As a consultant I have full control of my calendar and can choose my start and finish times. The only expectation is that the work is done within the required timeframes, and that your service maintains the high standard APM demands.

It means I’m able to have a good work/life balance – I never feel run down or burnt out, which is something I think a lot of people in this industry unfortunately deal with.

Amazing culture

One of the main career goals was to find an employer that would help me to continue to grow. APM definitely delivers there. But I also wanted to work somewhere with a good culture and supportive leadership, which is why I’ve always appreciated the amazing company culture at APM. It’s the type of culture that gives me confidence to ask questions and reach out for support when I need to, and helps me define career pathways.

I also always feel assured that our leadership team is taking the right steps to benefit all of us staff, as well as the business itself. APM cares about its employees as much as it cares about the bottom line.

Interested in exploring a career in occupational rehab with us at APM? Head to our careers page where you’ll find all our latest job openings.

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