APM’s contact centre is a customer service role with a difference

By Meghan Santamaria


To choose the right career for yourself, I believe you have to understand what your morals and aspirations are and then find a job that meets those criteria. In my case, I’ve always wanted to do jobs that revolve around making other people happy. I spent years in hospitality roles because I enjoyed serving people and providing good experiences.

Due to personal circumstances, a few years ago I was assigned to a Disability Employment Services organisation to help me get back on track. Working with my consultant and seeing the amazing work that they do ignited my passion for the rehabilitation industry. I was ultimately given an opportunity to apply for a position within this particular DES organisation and I loved it. I realised I’d found my ideal career.

I have now been with APM in a Client Services role for over 3.5 years and recently promoted to a senior role. APM is a cross-functional, allied health organisation who provide diverse human resource services all over Australia. Their company vision is very much aligned with my personal beliefs - working here makes me feel I’m playing my part in supporting my community and others like me who live with disability.

The difference between the APM call centre and other customer service roles

What I enjoy most about working with APM is the opportunity to make a difference in peoples’ lives and support people with disabilities. As I have a disability myself, it is inspiring and rewarding to be a part of this movement for change in empowering others.

No matter their ethnicity, background or situation, APM is helping people to either keep their independence, find work or receive support to achieve their ultimate goals.

What I appreciate most about the APM customer service centre is its focus on unity and culture. They make everybody feel welcome and like they’re part of a large community all striving for the same goals. Each day I am encouraged and supported by my staff and team leaders, and always given the opportunity to try new things and expand my portfolio and my career aspirations.

Although my previous roles revolved around customer service too, the contact centre here has a different feel. They have a way of making you feel that you’re an individual, not just a number or an extra pair of hands to make a process faster. My hard work is always appreciated and validated, which motivates me to try to do better each and every day.

My biggest tip for finding your dream career

I’ve truly been honoured by working with some incredible people throughout my career and having an incredible husband and family support who all continue to inspire me to be my best self every day.

But in the end, it’s you and only you who can get yourself to the finish line on the dream job you really want. My biggest tip is simply to never give up and to make sure you surround yourself with people who drive and inspire you.

I believe everyone deserves to have the opportunity of their dreams and to make a positive impact in their own way. With APM, I live this every day and would never change it for the world. I’m so proud of what I’m doing here and looking forward to what lies ahead.

To apply for open roles in our Customer Service Centre, please head to our careers page here.

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