Empowering our people to drive change

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Building an environment for First Nations employees to thrive

Joel Duckham is APM’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement Lead in the Talent Acquisition Team.

A proud Noongar man, Joel has worked at APM for four years, being promoted and eventually progressing to his current role.

He began as an Employment Consultant in Mandurah, Western Australia, where he took the initiative to become APM’s first specialised Employment Consultant for Indigenous clients.

“I loved helping people get back to work and becoming financially independent, but I wanted to help my people and show the world what indigenous people can do, and what they could do for your business, so I asked about working exclusively with the indigenous community.”

Demonstrating leadership through this initiative, Joel confidently took the next step in his career and became an APM Employment Services business manager, building on his experience and passion for helping others.

The power of culture

When the Talent Acquisition role was advertised, Joel knew this was the next opportunity for him.

“I felt the tug on my cultural heartstrings again. I love working for APM, I love what the company is about, and I jumped at the chance to work in that cultural space for APM.”

Now, Joel’s role is focused on leading APM’s efforts to attract and retain Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees.

“I help to create a culturally safe place for new and current employees to thrive” he said.

“We want to create a positive experience that will drive the recruitment and retention of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, while creating a diverse workforce that can respond to APM’s purpose to enable better lives for our clients and communities.”

Joel is also strengthening key community stakeholder relationships to create understanding of APM’s role in the community and building a sense of pride and belonging by working for APM.

Empowering our people

APM is dedicated to building an inclusive culture and empowering our people with a strong understanding of the diverse world we live and work in.

A First Nations Employee Resource Group (ERG) has been introduced for employees to drive initiatives and change within the business.

“APM supported and delivered the introduction of First Nations Cultural Awareness Training for all employees and is committed to listening and change if certain things aren’t working for cultural reasons.”

The ERG has also become a community within a community at APM.

“We get together and bounce ideas off each other. Community is so important to Aboriginal people, so we’re trying to embed that within the business and replicate a sense of belonging.”

Joel is also co-chair of APM’s Reconciliation Plan underpinning the company’s vision for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to live in this land with respect, equal opportunity, and employment.

Making an impact

APM is on an important journey to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees are well-supported from a cultural perspective and have the opportunity to thrive in their role.

Joel has shown great initiative, empathy, and dedication in his career to date. He is an excellent role model and leader who is dedicated to enabling better lives.

“Work is a great environment for me, we get to see people do great things and maybe even change their lives” Joel said.

“APM is like my extended family and a supportive team is the reason I come to work. Taking care of each other help us to better serve the communities we work in and take pride in what we do.”

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