Flexibility and opportunity have kept me at APM for 20 years



After 20 years with APM, a multinational healthcare and rehabilitation provider, I consider myself lucky to have found an organisation I’ve been happy with for such a long time.

I started as a graduate in Alice Springs and my career took off from there. I’ve lived all over Australia, a family and enjoyed a succession of interesting roles with the company, thanks to APM’s constant support of my career progression and changing circumstances.

APM has always offered me the flexibility to comfortably juggle my work and home lives. Today, I work part-time and remotely, using time I’d otherwise spend driving to the office putting an extra hour into my working day, and I’m there for my kids in the afternoons. I’m also the board chair of my children’s school, and am able to be hands-on with helping to run our 250-acre farm. With a husband who works full-time and often weekends, that’s invaluable!

My role on the tender team at APM

Previous roles I’ve had at APM have been Team Leader (my first position after my grad role), State Manager, then National Operations Manager. It was while I was in the National  Operations Manager role that I moved from Brisbane to Albury, where I am now. I joined the tender team after returning from maternity leave as the project aspect suited working part time. We write all of APM Australia’s big tender responses, as well as supporting APM globally and Australian business units with smaller responses.

I focus on the staff diversity sections of the tenders, industry participation plans and case studies as examples of us demonstrating how we help our clients achieve their goals.

Flexibility goes both ways

Looking back, I’ve had the privilege of flexibility at APM for most of my time with the company. After my first maternity leave, I had an open discussion with my manager and explained that I didn’t want to come back full-time. That was all it took. She was very accommodating and let me ease back into things with one day a week, then two. Once my kids went to school, I increased to three days.

I also believe flexibility is a two-way street. I find that people at APM are willing to put in extra time when needed because you get it back the other way. I’m always happy to extend the same flexibility to APM that they give me. When we’re busy working on a big tender, I work as much as I can, including evenings and days I would normally have off and then take extra leave during school holidays.

In-between tenders I work on our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and projects driven by the RAP. I also work on other diversity and inclusion activities as an ongoing project.

APM rewards commitment and provides so many opportunities

If you show your commitment to APM, they will return that flexibility, as well as give you plenty of opportunities to grow, diversify your career and try new things.

I've had so many opportunities here. I’ve learnt to just say yes whenever I’m offered a new one. Even if it seems like a challenge at the time, it always turns out to be worthwhile! 

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