How I discovered what I was capable of at APM

By Chloe Newman


The Client Service Officer role at APM is very diverse. There’s always an opportunity to do something unique, and I think that’s what attracts so many people to want to work at APM. Whatever you’re doing daily depends on the team in which you work. In our Regional Assessment Team, Client Service Officers help schedule appointments for our clients, while others assist clients with queries around job training, as well as assisting our participants in gaining employment. 

But despite the varied roles, they all share the same underlying goal: to take care of our clients, and ensure they are all feeling heard, respected, and have received the assistance they need.

That’s what makes APM different. As a human services provider, APM partners with people with a disability, injury or illness who want to work, and empowers them to make positive change to their whole lives – not just medically, but vocationally and in psychosocial services.

As part of my role as a Client Services Officer, I’ve been fortunate recently to lead a team on behalf of the APM diversity committee to help organise company support for R U OK? Day. It’s exciting to get the opportunity to head this project. 

Many other companies would not put the same level of effort in that APM is to ensure we are showing our support and respect to such an incredibly important day – or organise real, everyday people to help bring this issue to the forefront. This is what helps make this such a special moment and one that will help our people continue to know that APM cares about them. 

The lessons learnt

APM has taught me key lessons that I will hold for the rest of my career. Listening is so incredibly underrated, and just listening and allowing clients to share what they are feeling, or explain a situation through to the end without interruption, can help deescalate situations and allows them to feel heard and respected as an individual. Avoiding the use of jargon or slang is critical to avoiding miscommunication or clients getting the feeling of being given lip service.  We want our clients to feel and know we are here to help them take steps on their journey. 

APM has also helped me to develop confidence in myself. I can help promote organisational change, support and collaborate with other members of the team to continue to learn and develop as individuals.

All these growth opportunities would not have been possible without the trust, respect, support and empowerment being shown by APM leaders. 

The qualities you’ll need

To work at APM, you need to show resilience and a willingness to learn. These qualities are incredibly important, because you are learning something new every day in your job at APM, and always facing different situations and challenges. Learning and retaining new information and always remaining positive and upbeat are so important in handling roles here. 

Our roles are customer-focused, so you need to be patient, empathetic and personable. We always want to take the time to respect our clients and their individual needs, while making them feel comfortable in knowing they are being supported by real people who care.

Interested in being part of an organisation that truly values your contribution and helps you to grow both professionally and personally? Visit our careers page.

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