Looking for a change? One of the biggest benefits of a big company is the opportunity to move around

By Sophie Ulcoq


When Assure became part of APM in 2019, I was working in the Client Support team (CST) for the Assure Employee Assistance Programs. We took calls from people who needed psychological support and I felt proud that I was helping to guide these very vulnerable people towards the support they needed.

I also assisted with training new CST team members, and with various other tasks for both my own team and others within Assure. I took a lot of pride in being part of a business that did so much good for others.

In late 2020, I decided to take advantage of all the opportunities available across the APM group – the Talent Acquisition team always emails all staff to let us know about open positions. I emailed my General Manager, Michael, to tell him I was ready for a new challenge, and within just a couple of months, I was moving to Melbourne to begin a new role in APM’s South Melbourne Customer Service Centre as part of the APM Employment Services Customer Service Centre team.

I couldn’t have asked for a smoother transition between cities, and between brands! Michael thought I was well suited to the Customer Service Officer role and placed a lot of confidence in me, arranging a meeting very quickly for me with the team’s leader, Tony. The endless amount of support from Michael, my old team in Brisbane, and my new one in Victoria, made everything (including the interstate move) so easy from start to finish.

Life at APM

I felt comfortable in my new role straight away. Due to the different lockdowns that have happened through the pandemic, I’ve been working from home for most of my time here so far, but even so, the team feels very connected. We have team chats all the time.

As my previous role was also phone based, I was able to transfer my customer service skills over. Also, I gained a lot of empathy working with such vulnerable clients at Assure and I’ve been able to really use that experience to assist people calling the Customer Service Centre with more passion and care.

Something else I’ve brought with me from my Assure days are the dress-up competitions we always had for holidays like Christmas in July and Halloween. This year, the Melbourne and Perth APM teams are going to compete against Assure in a Halloween dress-up contest - wish us luck! It’s a good example of the great culture throughout the company. I am also on the Pride Committee at APM, so I know what a huge amount of effort goes into creating a happy, positive company culture – and it pays off.

I have a wonderful life in Melbourne now, thanks to APM – and it all happened just because I let them know I was keen for a change!

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