3 things that will get you noticed on an APM job application

By Dani Plumb


My role is to recruit our fantastic Local Area Coordinators for APM Communities. We look for people who are comfortable talking to people and have the skills and ability to manage what are sometimes difficult situations and clients. Generally, people with a customer service background are a good fit for these roles because they tend to be good great communicators and great at building relationships with people. 

Our Local Area Coordinators engage with people with a disability, so being able to communicate empathetically and effectively to help them access the services and assistance they need is critical. With that in mind, we’re looking for people who not only have the right skills, but also those who really, really care about helping people.

Interested in taking on a rewarding role as a Local Area Coordinator at APM Communities? Here are three things you can do to catch our attention with your application.

Tips for nailing your APM job application

1. Don’t overlook your cover letter

In job candidates, we want to see passion. We want to know what your aspirations are, what this role would mean to you and what you’d bring to our company. A good cover letter is key to doing that. A resume tells us about your experience, but a cover letter is our introduction to you and what you can add to our team. It tells us what motivates you and gives you an opportunity to sell yourself.

It also tells us how well you can follow instructions and that you pay attention to detail (for example, that you’ve read the job ad properly!). We ask for a cover letter, so if you don’t send one, it tells us something straight away. 

2. Triple check your spelling and grammar 

At APM, we deal with reporting and applications that go to the government and when we’re applying for NDIS funding for a client, there’s no room for error. To that end, we need to see that your grammar and spelling are solid. Mistakes on your application are a red flag.

3. Showcase your skills and experience

When talking about your career history, focus on your responsibilities and daily tasks – not why you are wanting to leave or why you are no longer with that company. We are looking for the skills and experience you can bring to this role.

Are you a good fit for APM?

APM’s culture is very inclusive, so we encourage people to join us from all backgrounds, abilities, ages, ethnicities, genders and other qualities that make us unique. We work with clients from all walks of life and we look for the same in our employees. 

If you have a person-centred approach to your work, share our vision of inclusiveness and have a passion for helping others – whether that’s helping people find a job or helping in the community space – you’ll be a great fit. 

Above all, we’re committed to finding candidates who share our mission of enabling better lives, so if that sounds like you, head to our careers page to explore the latest job opportunities at APM!

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