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The key to successful injury management and return to work is good communication

To ensure a successful return to work, it’s critical for employers to establish regular communication with injured employees throughout their recovery. Evidence tells us that injured employees benefit from regular...

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Occupational rehabilitation helps meet the challenges of reintegrating veterans into civilian society

As a Rehabilitation Counsellor within the APM group, I have worked with both serving members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and veterans for many years. At the start of...

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Returning to work after an Injury or Illness—with a team of support

When an employee is away from work due to an injury or illness, there are many contributing factors ultimately affecting their well-being and behaviours. These include, but are not limited...

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What I’ve learned about being a great leader (instead of just a good one!)

Through a lot of observation, as well as my own experience managing teams, I’ve come to understand something fundamental: a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach definitely doesn’t apply if you want to be...

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Ensuring a return to work after injury is essential for mental wellbeing

Returning employees to work after injury is important to ensure they do not end up isolated, depressed or disempowered. An effective return to work plan enables a smooth transition back...

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The psychological effects of long-term injury need as much attention as the physical

Rehabilitation specialists need to manage both the physical and psychological effects of injury on an affected worker. I do complex case management primarily in the psychological space and liaise with...

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The challenge of moving from the defence force to civilian life (and how you can help)

The defence world is not like the real world that most people live and work in, and many veterans find it particularly difficult to transition from the defence force to...

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How leadership can change workplace mental health culture

Mental health is a silent issue in many workplaces. We all know how to be empathetic about a visible injury, however people aren’t often sure how to deal with mental...

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Flexible employers create happy employees

Mental health directly affects employee productivity. Psychological stress can have a significant negative impact on performance, so creating a psychologically safe workplace should always be a priority for any employer....

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Work related injuries must be addressed properly by employers

As a Physiotherapist at Konekt Workcare, I commonly deal with clients whose injuries have complexities that lead to extended periods of time off work.  The initial injuries are primarily related...

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A great workplace safety culture looks after all aspects of staff wellbeing

Workplace health and safety encapsulates the mindsets, attitudes, and behaviours of all staff toward safety in the workplace. A great workplace safety culture is inspired by committed leadership who empower...

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Supporting employees in returning to work with a workplace rehabilitation program

Returning to work can be difficult for employees who have been absent from the workplace due to injury or illness. The transition itself is often stressful, but many people also...

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From graduating in occupational therapy to being a senior rehabilitation consultant: Meet Heather

Senior rehabilitation consultant, Heather, joined Konekt as a new graduate after completing studies in occupational therapy. In the three years since joining, Heather has been promoted twice, supported with mentorship...

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From clinical exercise physiology to occupational rehabilitation: Delaney shares her career journey

Delaney is a rehabilitation consultant at Konekt Workcare.  In this video, Delaney talks about her career path from qualifying as a clinical exercise physiologist through, workers compensation and rehabilitation, then...

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Flexible hours, varied locations & work from home: Julia describes work life at APM WorkCare

Julia has been with APM for 8 years, starting as a graduate rehabilitation consultant working on the Australian Defence Force contract, and now working in general occupational rehabilitation as a...

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Graduating from Allied Health studies? Ashlyn shares what it's like to work in Occupational Rehab

Ashlyn has been with APM for 15 years now, having worked in occupational therapy, vocational rehabilitation, employment services, job capacity assessment and injury management roles with us - it's quite...

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