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How to become a provisional psychologist: your questions answered

So you've studied hard in your psychology degree and you're now ready to enter the world of professional psychology. This means you need to get a provisional registration with the...

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Last year of your Allied Health degree? Here’s how to get a head start in your career

If you’re in the final year of your Allied Health degree, it’s an exciting time. You’re about to undertake your last classes, complete your final pracs and exams, and step...

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Are you a Speech Pathology grad unsure of your next steps? Read this

So you've graduated with a bachelor's degree in speech pathology and you're ready to start your career - exciting, right?Except suddenly you're not sure about which route to take. Perhaps...

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Finished your Physiotherapy degree and not sure if the clinic is for you? Explore your options!

Whether you've just graduated, you're in your final year, or you're just starting out in your degree, looking towards the future can be overwhelming. It can be tricky figuring out...

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An exercise physiology degree gives you more options than you might think

So you've reached the end of your exercise physiology degree and you're ready to take the first steps towards your career. It's an exciting and nerve-wracking time! But suddenly you're...

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What careers can a psychology degree get you? Let’s find out

If you've reached the end of your psychology degree and you're not sure what step to take next, you're not alone. Becoming a clinical psychologist is a big commitment, and...

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How do you know which Allied Health pathway is right for you?

So you've reached the end of your degree and it's now time to enter the professional Allied Health workforce. You're ready to dive into the health care community, meet people...

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How do you transition from student to work life? The ultimate Allied Health grad’s guide

It can feel really overwhelming to think about your next steps after graduation. It may feel like a big change to go from working at in-uni clinics and prac placements...

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Are you ready to start your Allied Health career? Join APM’s graduate program

If you've recently graduated or you're in the final year of your Allied Health degree, chances are you're on the hunt for an opportunity to kickstart your career. We know...

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Why empathy is so important in Allied Health professions

As an Allied Health professional, you’re in a client-facing industry. Every day, you’re providing care and support to those who are facing difficult and emotional periods in their lives, managing...

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Your guide to success in an Allied Health graduate program

If you've recently graduated or you're in the midst of finishing up your degree, you might be checking out and applying to some of the graduate programs offered in the...

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What else can you do with your Occupational Therapy degree?

If you've reached the end of your Occupational Therapy degree and you're feeling a little bit lost, you're not alone. Maybe the idea of clinical life, with back-to-back appointments in...

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